Equinox Autumnal Beacon for 11tHour 2019 festival

Hi everyone. I just realised I had never shared images from a night festival of light and sound I helped launch in my now-hometown of King’s Lynn. A loop of six designs played simultaneously on two 12th-century churches, St Margaret’s church (aka King’s Lynn Minster, the squared tower) and St Nicholas’s chapel (the pointy spire), which sit half a mile apart. Built 1101 & 1200, respectively, they have a complex history with each other – St N’s was built as the overflow church for St M’s – the latter is the historic heart of the town and was frequented by the rich merchants who lived in this neighbourhood, while St Nick’s belonged more to the maritime community to the north. It was fun to get these buildings in a sort of dialogue with each other as psychedelic autumnal beacons, and to see how the same images and movements played out across their different features.

The animations were played through the permanently installed projectors at these sites (we have several of these in town, a legacy from a previous illumination project), with the help of my colleague Pete Cleary and the town council.

The town liked these so much that the projections have stayed up every night since 11 October. It’s hard to get good video of them (any tips for night vid?), but here are some stills that will give you an idea!

PS I painted a lot of these images during my journey to and from the very inspiring Tagtool convention this summer. :slight_smile:


Looks great Karen! Congratulations!

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