Live streaming with Tagtool?

Hello there,

I am very new to Tagtool and I was wondering if anyone could help?
I am wondering what is the best way to use Tagtool for live streaming performances. I use OBS to live stream on YouTube but I am not sure how to only share the project canvas without having to share my whole iPad screen (with tools and decks, etc.)
Thanks in advance for your help!


You need to capture the external video-out of your iPad. There are a couple of ways to achieve this. The most common ways are discussed in this topic.

Are you using PC or MAC to stream?


Hello there Mat, thanks very much for getting back to me. I am on mac so I would usually capture my iPad screen with Quicktime Player then live stream on YT via OBS. The issue there is that it would show the outline of the canvas as soon as I zoom in or out.


You can try Airserver and send the external display via Airplay to your Mac. In OBS you simply select Airserver as Source.

Ah thanks so much, I will try this!!

Tried it and it works very well. Thanks very much for this tip!

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