PNG transparency bug?

Hi all…so recently im working on a project that in some way pays homage to terry gilliam, so we are using a lot of png with transparency, and so far so good, i’ve done it in the past…but recently with the latest version i have encountered an issue where png that i used just yesterday ( exported with transparency from photoshop) today have the background all white…the way i found around this problem is to always put them in the decks as there it seems to always be ok…anyone else having this issue, because i would love to trust my external libraries instead of having them all in tagtool decks.

EDIT: i just found how we remove items from decks hehe i cant believe it was all the time there lol

thanks in advance


The PNG issue is happening when your files are synched via iCloud.

Usually i send my PNG files via Airdrop directly to the iPad. When using the Files App i need to save the PNG images manually to the Camera Roll.



Thank you so much man…this explains a lot because yes im working\testing in this project remotely and we are using dropbox to share libraries!

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