Tagtool 1.2.0 Public Beta Test

Hello hello,

we have a brand new beta version of Tagtool for you. This one doesn’t have any new features, but it has major internal changes. In our tests we had significantly improved performance and stability, especially for very complex sessions. We fixed issues related to connecting external displays, especially over USB-C. And we added support for Apple Pencil 2.

You can get the beta version by opening this link on your iPad: https://testflight.apple.com/join/h4CqGmrA

Updating should be safe for your existing Tagtool content (there were no changes to the decks functionality), but we definitely recommend backing up your iPad and/or your deck folder before you install the beta version.

Please let us know how this version is working for you!

Wishing you happy Tagtooling and a great new year 2020!


wonderful news, thanks a lot


This sounds good! thanks!!
great 2020 !!

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It´s working great! I did the backup, but it wasn´t necesary. Anyway, i think its important to backup decks, just in case.
Thank you!

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