Tagtool player 1.1.0b8705?

When will the “player 1.1.0b8705” be for Mac or PC? The current version of Tagtool for iPad is not compatible with the current one.

(Sorry for my English, I use a translator)

I have seen that this topic is recurring in this forum, and that administrators always respond that they are working on it.

I understand that to ensure live sessions, it is best to have two IPADS. one in passive mode only with the player and connected to the projector, and the other one that we will use to paint.

I have a live session in October and I’m very worried about this point.

Is there any other way I don’t know how to avoid crashes?


We are working on the Tagtool Player, as you already found out. Will let you know as soon as possible.

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is the tagtool player functioning now?
(i use macbook pro and iPad Pro mostly)

is it possible now to download tagtool player

  • if I want to record live tagtooling as a video or use the computer to the projector?
  • will the tagtool player be useful to me soon or should I buy myself a blackmagicbox?!



The upcoming Tagtool Player will have a recording feature - you might not need Blackmagic. As soon as we have fixed the USB-C iPads we are back on Tagtool Player Mission.

We keep u posted.


what about the player now?
Thaaaank you for answze :slight_smile:

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