20-05-2017 Tetete @ Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg (DE)


20.5.2017 & 21.5.2017

Get ready for Antonioni! The Austrian ensemble Tetete brings the greatest circus heroes of all time to Hamburg – in a live improvised animation show, directly in front of the eyes of the audience. For children aged 3 to 5.

Tetete are six excellent stand-up artists, who weave stories out of the interaction between music, language and painting. Nothing is planned; everything is possible and happens the moment they take the stage. Driven by the overwhelming desire to construct something unique, they mine their wealth of experience: a treasure chest full of exciting fantasy figures.

In this live animated concert, the ensemble presents the living legend Antonioni Antonini. Together with his circus group that consists of, among other things, a zany tortoise choir, the little man travels across the country to thrill audiences. Which adventure will Antonini experience next? Only the improvisation artists of Tetete know.

PERFORMERS - Tetete ensemble

Christian Reiner voice, human beats
Richard Koch trumpet
Philip Zoubek piano
Mathias Koch drums
Markus Dorninger visuals
Matthias Fritz visuals


Really looking forward to this :sparkles:

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Finally in my home town :slight_smile: - too bad it’s sold out already, I shall wait at the back door.

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I’m sure we can get you a ticket! @gnu can you work your magic?


Simsalabim, there will be a ticket for Benjamin :sparkles:


Wow that’s great! Thx @gnu !

This looks swell. Would love to see you guys in full flow.

Just been to my first concert there last night, quite the magic place! Will you bei playing in the big hall? Wonder where the projection will be. Exciting!

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The big hall would be awesome, but we are in the Kaistudio :slight_smile:

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