27-01-2017 Tagtool Session @ mo.ë season opening, Vienna (AT)

Mo.ë Vienna

Thelemangasse 4, 1170 Vienna, Austria
Friday at 5 PM - 11 PM


The Tagtool Crew will be there for the whole afternoon and evening to add their growing faces and special spices.

17: Tape Tea Party
DJane Margaret Unknown &Jay Voodoo Jürgens play their worst: trash, one hit wonders and the very best. Bring your own tapes and add them to the mix with some cookies and tea.

20: Cream Team
The collaboration of Peggy Famous and Voodoo Hauser goes way back. Over the last couple of years both artists have been working with/in several projects (Supra+, Die Eternias, Kuntz, (In) The Abissity Of The Grounds, Her Mit Der Frucht, Fuck The Girlfriends, Voodoo Jürgens) covering a vast variety of different approaches and embodying their perception of music and performance into fields like singer-spongwriter, rock and roll, free-improvisation, noise and Wienerlied. Their newest adventure, which is their first collaboration since the dramatic brake-up of the infamous Supra+ in 2010, takes them into unknown territory again. Scraping synths and funky beat’s – Ms. MPC and Dr. Drone on their inevitable way to clash the universe. Beware, beware soon they’ll be there.

21: RHEUMA 3000 / Live Music performance with Wilhelm, Reiner und Leitner