Amar es Resistir: live visual performance in Bogotá

´Amar es Resistir´
Live digital painting performance and videomapping.

On March 21 and 22, the facade of the new National Center for the Arts in Bogotá-Colombia received the spring equinox with an experience of videomapping, surround sound and live urban art. “Amar es Resistir”. A digital installation with projections and sound textures that are intertwined to pay a special tribute to the faces and symbols of our territory.

Created by the visual artist Guache in collaboration with the Sonic Design studio, who have collaborated on projects such as Jaguara´ and Seres de Luz´, this immersive experience is part of the inaugural series `Del agua y de la tierra´ with the that the National Center for the Arts will open its doors.

`Guache´ is a visual artist who develops his work between muralism, traditional graphics and digital painting performance. He has exhibited his visual work and projected his creations in various countries in Latin America, Europe and the United States.


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