From the OMAi archives: Hilti's Odyssey of Oddities

Here’s a little something from our archives!

In January 2009, in the time of the oldschool DIY Tagtool, we created these videos. They were recorded in the studio as improvised takes according to a very loose script. The stars: fearsome space mechanic Hilti and his careless spaceship called Captain. These are in German only - sorry!

The first video shows Hilti and the Captain embarking on a journey to the mythical planet Huntopia, but soon they run out of gas. They have to emergency-land on a nearby planet, where things take a turn for the worse.

The second video - “The prophecy of Mr. Horse” features some stunning artwork by Viennese artist Thomas Mock aka. Keramik.

All shots were recorded live together with the music and the voices. We put together a Frankenstein setup involving two DIY Tagtools, an HD mixer, laptops running various other software applications, and some gamepads to control the characters.

These recordings were an intense learning experience, and definitely inspired the creation of the multitouch version of Tagtool!


Were these animations created in tagtool? How did you create so many layers? How did you change the colors?

Hey @Drocome,

Back in 2009 we were still working with the oldschool hardware Tagtool (those DIY boxes with sliders and the big red button). We created the content and all the live drawing in Tagtool, but also used other software (such as Isadora) and a video mixer. It was a kind of first demo of the animation style we began following with the first-generation iPad Tagtool and will continue with the new app.

Anyways, there were lots of insights and it was good fun (all the action happened in three days)!

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Der Tankwart :heart: !!

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