Fun little loops



@Tagtom Sent your little fella on a magic plane!


was this made on tagtool?


@TartarugaFeliz Yes, these small GIFs were made during our first internal beta-testing sessions with the new software.

How is the Octopus done?

You basically paint all the phases of an animation you need and apply a very concise transparency animation on all of them at the same time. Then you play with the new “Offset” feature and shift the transparency animation fade-in starting points, so you can see each phase separately and only 1 at a time.

Then you group everything together and make it fly around with some other stuff. This is done with the usual “loop markers”.

You will be able to test it for yourself very soon.


Thanks, can’t wait to try it out! :smiley:


This is great. I’m still not sure how’s it’s done. The app mechanics and steps are what confuse me the most.


Tease!!! :heart:


Ok here’s another one - one of the first I did on Tagtool using this technique.


I also startet the bouncing octopus as a line test like this, then I “rendered” it by drawing the shaded colors over the lines…


@Tagtom Do you remember this session we did back in 2014 in your old apartment?


@iink of course!! we should do that more frequently!


Behold the beauty of offset animation :wink:



This is awesome ! Can’t wait for beta testing :slight_smile: