Having lots of (daily) fun with Tagtool

Practising for live gigs and decided to create a tagtool animation everyday over January - has been great fun so far, and have been exploring indigenous art themes and posting on instagram https://www.instagram.com/kukikoori Here’s one from 9 days in.


Also experimenting with adding midi-controlled live effects to live drawing while my talented musical friend Iain Gordon composes electronica. Here’s a quick live drawing/effect to match a remix of rehearsal music https://vimeo.com/276224348 The midi effects are done with Magic Music Visuals with a midi-controller + Leap motion hand sensor. Will eventually be using a custom made midi-controller from Yaeltex in Argentina - can’t wait.

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Midi controller design as customised by Yaeltex (ie Tagtool drawing printed on custom set of knob, buttons , faders etc)

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