Help with setup!

Hi all…so i mainly use tagtool connected via wifi to macbook with tagtool player and then the macbook connects via hdmi to projector, i use this setup because it keeps me safe from my tagtool crash in middle of session and the ipad screen with show up…the player is amazing because keeps going and you can even import the entire session once you connect again. My issue is the fact that sometimes the net is bad or simply its not viable (planning on acquiring a simple router just to provide internal network between my devices ) but also i dont know if the sometimes delays i have during a session arent because of this, and maybe with cable the connection im sure its more stable.

My question is, can you connect via cableusb\hdmi adapter to macbook with player, and join session via this connection? Please share your ideas regarding the setup…also if there are any…other options that provide a secure screen of my session, that will remain even if my ipad crashes, besides tagtool player, which i cant live without

Thanks in advance


You can hardwire an iPad as well with the USB to ethernet adapter. Then simply plug both (ipad and macbook) into the same network router. That is the best connection you can get.


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