Kids love tagtool!

Use this thread to share stories about kids and Tagtool! I coordinate a daily afterschool makerspace in Portland, OR, USA, and we use Tagtool EVERY SINGLE DAY!



Nice :slight_smile:

If I leave them to their own devices, the kids i’m around are huge fans of the multi-screen chaos animation. Yesterday, a girl walked up to me and said “Here, Mr. Todd, look at this!”

I was an indescribable joy explosion with animation zooming every which way. It was mesmerizing. Plus, I asked the girl if she’d done it all herself, and she answered that there were a few people working on it, but didn’t know which ones. Apparently, kids just were jumping on the session and collaborating without even knowing each other. Anonymous CREATIVE COLLABORATION! What a concept!


I’ve been using tagtool for a few years now as a creative digital session they LOVE it! .whats great is All ages have been able to get engaged which has been fantastic older kids can grasp the animation side more and get more detailed and complex .
I create a short demo for them and allow them to take it in turns to get involved. I have had a couple funny/sweet incidents with the younger participants that when they ask for certain colours… I swipe through the colour chart… they touch the screen and then show me their finger tips and ask ‘ is this blue/red/green now?’before painting :rofl:


Quick edit of my kidsbit 2018 contribution, enjoy :slight_smile:



For my students, I use this simple exercise to get them to see a little bit of TT’s functionality…

[](http://PACMAN exercise)