Kidsbit Perugia: workshop for kids 2016

Here’s a little video from a workshop I ran with kids at the kidsbit festival in Perugia 2016:

Also I wrote a recap about it on my blog.


great work!! kids should design the robots of our future :robot::heart:

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They’re are doing great work at the festival there, the kids get to explore a great range of technology and creativity, and have generally a great time!

Hey Benjamin, that’s really cool. I also give workshops for kids, and I always wanted to organize one with Tagtool, but never found a place that had extra iPads to do so. I was wondering, did you film their animations on your computer and then projected afterwards? : ) We can’t save the drawings and animations on Tagtool itself, so I was wondering!


great stuff you’re showcasing on your website, @TartarugaFeliz !

yes, I used reflector (air server is another option) on the mac to record the loops of of the iPads. Bit of a hassle, but does the job :slight_smile:

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I sometime used an Elgato HD Capture box for recording. U plug it between iPad and projector, with a laptop in between - Plug and Play, it worked well! The obvious downside: It costs about 190€.