Kindergarten Session in Vienna

Yesterday @iink and me did a little Tagtool workshop at my daughter Sofia’s Kindergarten in Vienna. The event was part of an initiative to involve dads in kindergarten life. There’ve been a few other activities, like baking cookies or building simple bike stands together.

My contribution (of course :slight_smile:) was a Tagtool session. We told the kids we’ll develop an animated character together. They all agreed they wanted a cat, but for some reason part of the group wanted a real cat while others were insisting on doing a marionette of a cat. We were heading towards a state of passionate polarisation between the two factions.

In the end, we reached a compromise by duplicating the cat and having one version with strings and the other without. Reunited, kids and dads alike joined the fun of interacting with the projected animations.

We used the upcoming new version of Tagtool and were pretty pleased with it all in all. Kids really are fierce testers, because they use the app in ways we could never imagine.

A few more bug fixes and tweaks, and we can share a beta version with the members of Stay tuned!


Love love love! #20characters

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@benjaminrabe ok removed minium # of characters for the forum :slight_smile:

Love love :slight_smile:

looks like soooo much fun :slight_smile:

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