Mastering old-style animation in TAGTOOL


It was super hard, but I finished a prototype of a way to use cel-style animation. Has anyone else tried this particular thing?




I Know who does! @Tagtom: Looks like you have found a friend.

Did you offset the depth animation of all the parts? Or one by one in the right moment in the right order?


Yes I did! This was done using this technique:

Sometimes I also animate the transperacy slider to achieve the same effect. For example if I have 5 images I would select them all, hit record, count to 1, slide the transperacy down, count to 5 and slide it up again - then I offset the animation…


@Tagtom your way is much smoother, as I just flipped back and forth ahead and behind and recorded the layer movement. I still don’t get the timed transparency approach - it’s just not clicking for me. But when I do - WATCH OUT WORLD!


This is cool! I’m not wrapping my head around the technique quite though. I’m brand new to tagtool, but I’m fairly familiar with how everything works so far.

Could you please give a little more detail about how best to do this? :slight_smile:




Does the transparency always look like that? Am I doing something wrong? I mean, in this case I like the effect, but what if I want a more clean cut off? I seem to recall this being brought up before…


@Tagtom I’m getting so close to figuring this out. Would you be willing to do a short video showing your process? Not a screen capture, but more of an over-the-shoulder video?

Pretty please??


The sequence above of the octopus is made of screenshots. Right now there will always be a little transparency blinking through your animation. You can only try to make it as fast as possible.

Something for the future animation development for sure.


Trying to animate frame by frame, it looks great … simple and great to be able to do this in tagtool


That turned out fanTASTic!


another example


and the last one… for now


Whoa! Are you offsetting separate panels? Is that all?


Yes, thats all, draw frame by frame, and the result is great