More from the Tagtool Convention 2019

Hi again. I just wanted to share some photos from Sunday night’s final Tagtool session in the park in Tulln, on a Roman tower. It’s hard to express just how magical this experience was (my first using Tagtool as a collaborative public experience!) A very warm night, artists and townspeople gathering on the grass, a bag of beers. There were two iPads set up on mic stands at the front, and the rest of us joined in from the ground. We painted and animated on the building with each other, interacting with each other’s drawings and movements, and along to the soundscape being delivered live by 大担 of GuiGuiSuiSui. It felt like a dance. The audience was totally rapt, but they felt like active participants, too. It was the most at one I’ve felt with a group of people in a long time. Thank you so much Tagtool crew for giving us this incredible experience!

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