Music video experiments with Tagtool


Here are some tiny music video experiments that I made in the past months.
Used After Effects to have a mirror effect.

Thank you.


I’m pretty happy with the final punch in this one.


I love the vibe of this piece


I love this song so much :slight_smile:

This one has some overlayed Tagtool animations too.


yeah, such great animations! goes so well with the music, like a visual trip :heart: :space_invader:

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That simple mirror effect is really effective! I used to run Tagtool through resolume and use different effects, it’s a very good combo.

@mverzola Mirror effect is adding a lot to the animations.
I wish it will be a build-in feature in the coming releases of Tagtool.

Here are some more:
Lately I’m into Japanese music

A classic song from 80’s with a new remix, so sweet:

A contemporary Japanese musician, gives me chills

I love Night Tempo, so good

This one is a silky smooth love song, with a remix.

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