PLUTONIANS ‘Message to Pluto and to everyone’

‘Plutonians’ an art exhibition which gather artists from various field of interests together; including photography, film, music and visual arts. The exhibition was held at Bangkok Dock Company on the 22nd of August, 2015. Every pieces of work represented the perspective of the artists on Pluto. This exhibition was tribute to the occasion of the New Horizon Spacecraft flown by Pluto which took over 9 years.

‘Message to Pluto and to everyone’ is an interactive installation work by Eyedropper Fill. It was inspired by the fact that Pluto was removed from the solar system. Eyedropper Fill created a model of Pluto and installed at the exhibition together with visual mapping and live interactive application “Tagtool” provided on iPad. This allowed people to interact by writing / drawing anything they want which will be projected (real-time) on the surface of Pluto. This created opportunities for people to be able to express their opinions in public through messages and doodles.



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