Rimiyoho @ Locomocion Festival

Hello Tagtoolers!

This is the video of my performance at Locomoción Festival projecting on Ex Corpus Christi Church facade in México City Historical Center. It was one of those nights with magic in the air, the cold wind of october didn´t stop the passers-by to appreciate and be surprised by a GIANT JELLYFISH!
It was a performance that lasted 50 min and was musicalized live by Photon Accros the Sea.
Costume design in collaboration with Mamifero

Visit www.rimiyoho.com for more Tagtool performances!


So amazing. I love your ideas. I’m always inspired by them.

What type of projector do you use?

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Thanks!!! I am glad you like it! :slight_smile:
The projector was not mine but It was a 20,000 lumens projector that the Festival provided.
It was huge!

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Impresionante bro, un genio, color, diseño, animación, concepto, música, todo encaja perfecto.

Imagino que esto lo ensayas todo entero? O improvisas cosas sueltas?


Amazing brush control, beautiful results, @Rimiyoho !

@Fedebut Muchas gracias Fede! Improviso pero también ensayo los visuales antes de proyectar para explorar las formas y ver como resolver más rápido las ilustraciones :wink:


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