Some of my work with the amazing tagtool!


Hi all, i have been posting some technical doubts in the forum…i guess it’s about time to show some of the work i do with this amazing tool! Most of the pictures are from live concerts of a famous hiphop singer in portugal ( where i am from ) called CAPICUA and i go up on stage and draw\animate something related to the song she is singing, so bare in mind that i have around 3 minutes max to do the entire draw, a bit different form the usual work i see with the tagtool where the artist have their time to create their art. The video i linked is different, its a live drawing in a restaurant in Porto ( my hometown ) where i had 4 hours to just sketch and animate without planning, sort of improvisation while people were having dinner…i really hope you like my stuff and enjoy it…trying to improve my technique with this tool and be a part of the community, sugesting possible new features and such…this is by far the best thing that happened to me, since it is literally redirecting my carreer! So for that…a huge thank you to teh creators!!



Yeah, great work and thank you for the nice post!!