Tagtool 1.1.0 Public Beta



We have a free preview of the upcoming new version of Tagtool!


  • Improved multiplayer functionality - faster transfer of large amounts of content, more reliability even with lower quality network connections.

  • New canvas system - specify the exact format and resolution of your canvas, or have it set automatically, under Main Menu > Graphics Settings > Canvas Format.

  • Decks accessible in Files app - in the iOS Files app, navigate to On My iPad > Tagtool Beta > decks to see all your deck folders. Copy them to a file synching service like iCloud Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer them to your computer for backup or to share them with other Tagtoolers.

  • Other improvements - German language option, re-ordering of deck items by dragging them, simplified menu structure, …

  • Lots of bug fixes - it’s the most stable version of Tagtool ever!

If you have valuable deck content, please make sure to back your iPad before you install the beta version. We have extensively tested the upgrade, and additionally your content will be automatically backed up in its original format during the upgrade. However, install the beta version at your own risk. If you experience any trouble with your deck content after upgrade, please contact us at support@omai.at!

You can get the public beta version via TestFlight. Simply click this link on your iPad and follow instructions! You won’t be charged for upgrading to Pro in the Beta version.
Please let us know how the beta is working for you!

Happy Tagtooling from the entire OMAi crew!


All good so far!


Omg just downloaded, going to try it now…if all goes well, and i see great stability ill use it tomorrow on the show im going to do in Sofia…cause previous version crashed in middle of a show for a few times!


First impression: feels stable and way more snappy! Great job, guys!


Yeah! Tested the beta over a 4 hour Di set - and no problems at all with projector connections or crashing. All great and running super smooth. iPad running out of power is my only problem, even with a charger cable attached…but once Tagtool is on a pc/Mac with Syphon/Mac then the sky will be the limit - unlimited set length!


Wonderful! Painting with more than one finger works great now.
If I set maximum canvas size without a projector connected, the screenshots are empty.
And group and then ungroup is sometimes changing the order of the layers.

Thanx for this great app!!


Hello! I am new here and I love tagtool - I am having so much fun. Thanks! - I am also testing the beta public version and it worked all well before I wanted to connect it to the Tagtool Player on my Mac. I also tried entering the IP adress but not working. It says “Server has another software version” - What does it mean? - My iMac is High Sierra and my iPad Pro is updated. Thanks!


Hello @AllzLnz

Sorry, the Tagtool Player for Windows and Mac is not compatible with the latest beta version of Tagtool yet. We’ll update the Player soon!


After some more testing…
With my expressive painting style I still get the system to collapse within 15 min. Does it get better if I connect to another ipad als server?


Hi @Sascha

I know, you’re a bit of a painting monster… I mean this in the best possible way. We are working on improving performance to suit your type of style. In the meantime, the only things you can do is delete things periodically, or get the very latest iPad Pro (maybe wait for the next generation that’s coming out very soon). Another iPad as a server might help a little bit because your “painting” iPad won’t have to output the visuals to the external display. Even better to use a powerful PC or Mac as a server - we’ll have the server (“Player”) version ready later this year.


Hi Maki, i already have the ipad pro and i also tested a cable-network set up with my pc on the alpha version, but it gives me just a little more time. So I delete content after every song.
Btw. I have a strange error sometimes, the layer jumps back in time for no reason, but the content sometimes suddenly appears again after a second or two.
Thanx for your work on tagtool. I love it. :slight_smile: