Tagtool on IPad Pro 2018 usb-c hdmi still freezing

Dear Tagtool-team,
I unfortunately still have freezing issues on my iPad Pro 2018 latest iPadOS when trying to connect to a projector via HDMI. The whole thing freezes after a few minutes. Can you please help or give me at least a workaround which is stable enough to use it for life performance? Do you plan to fix this bug in a future release? Maybe with pressure sensitivity for the Apple Pencil 2?
Best from Berlin,

We are very close to a new Beta version that fixes all that.

Pls stay tuned!


I also have that problem and need that fixed. I’m looking forward to testing the new Beta out.


FYI the public beta version fixing the video-out issue is available now! More info here: Tagtool 1.2.0 Public Beta Test

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