Tagtool picture of the month!

Hello everybody! Now that we have our very own Tagtool forum we will move the monthly vote for the best Tagtool picture from Facebook to here! Fire up the first pics of 2017 and help me bear the harsh winter here in Austria, brrrr. Polls will be open till 5th of February!

Pic of last week´s Session at Mo:e Vienna with Maki, Rheuma3000, Maximilian Bogner & Voodoo Jürgens.


Light poem with nordic Chamber orchestra. “Torke, yellow pages”


Pic of a performance I did next to singer Abril Ruiz in Oaxaca, México.
Costume design by Mamifero.


@Rimiyoho your costumes are superb! And the art too, of course :slight_smile:

The elements of this drawing were inspired by aboriginal, native American, cavemen and tribal art. When doing the medieval characters I was playing Reigns (a great mobile game!). The castle in the background is copied from Tagtool master Rimiyoho. Well, and the cats … I think they are originals of my fantasy :slight_smile: The picture was also super animated - shame I didn’t record that.


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