Tagtool (Windows) + Resolume Live Performance at 4th Craft Animation Festival Opening in Indonesia

Hi Everyone,
Some time ago I accidentally discovered Tagtool through the YouTube wall. This is a tool that I really like and I need to express visual exploration in my next animation project. I am grateful to the TagTool developer who has made it a Windows version, so that my laptop can work well.

Tagtool is very user friendly and doesn’t take long to have fun. Last week I tried it live at the opening of the @craftanimfest animation festival and collaborated with my friend, a talented VJ Artist @danartri @holutionteam.

I drew several visual elements directly and animated them directly, then VJ Danartri mixed them via Resolume. We are happy, although not quite satisfied because of the short preparation. Hopefully these photos can represent our excitement with Tagtool.


ASUS Z Flow 13
Windows 11