The Stories Become Data Project: Seeking a collaborator(s)

I started a project called Stories become Data ( The project is about creating a digital environment where people share their stories by drawing, writing and animating using Tagtool. The stories and drawings are collected as qualitative and quantitative data.

I am currently looking for someone who is interested in facilitating the event in your local area for global collaboration.

As you see on the website, I have a couple of workshops+events that participants learn Tagtool and share their stories. The event itself takes about two hours. (I think two-three hours seem ideal) Yet, I am open for other formats of hosting the event as if people are in and out contributing and building their stories throughout the day instead of the event occurs at the same time for all participants. I welcome various ideas…!

If you are interested in the project and considering to be a facilitator of the project in your area, please feel free to reach me out for further information…!

With gratitude,


Very interesting project, congratulations!

Thank you, Markus. :smiley: