Would anyone like to collaborate?


Hi everyone! I’ve had a lot of fun with Tagtool so far, and am looking forward to doing much more experimenting in 2019! I purchased a small projector and have my iPad and am ready to roll… I was wondering if there’s anyone who would like to get together this year to exchange ideas, skills, and maybe do some guerrilla projection somewhere? I’m in Norfolk, England, but happy to travel, as well as to host. I’d also love to meet the Tagtool team and do a project, workshop or lab, if that’s at all possible. Happy to pay for any workshops, travel to get there, and/or exchange services (I am a seasoned writer, editor, photographer, videographer…please see karenfranceseng.com) Please get in touch! Karen



That´s great to hear! If we are up for something in your area we will give you a shout. Also keeping my eyes and ears open for artists in your area.