4 Channel HDMI Video Mixer Switcher DIY

Looking for a 4 HDMI in and 1 out mixer solution (that doesn’t cost $$$$).
Could be software based. Anyone have a diy solution? Would like to be able to mix and switch two teams of tagtoolers on one feed.

I saw a PC with this capture card and VJ software mixing 4 inputs. You might need a decent gfx card as well - so this will also affect your budget.

Couple of things I’ve found which seem promising:

https://neuromixer.com/products/avmixer-pro (formerly iMixHD)
Spark D-Fuser, a laptop fader which seems to have made a small production run of product and then stopped.

I believe these work by controlling the 1T-C2-750 made by tvONE. A little pricey ~$1000 but at least an option.

Also, V-1HD by Roland.

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Hi there. A software based solution for you might be Reflector2, a mac based soft that mirrors multiple devices in real time with little or no delay. I have tried with 2 iphon and 1 ipad and it runs smoothly. Then you can capture these screens and inject them into VDMX for instance via syphon.


There are other ways, so if you want just ask.

Good idea with the reflector software!
But how can i capture the screens into Syphon?

Dear @UwePongs, there are quite a few ways:

  • Using reflector will generate a copy of your iphone or ipad in a live frame on your laptop. Syphon won’t detect this by default, but you can use ScreenCaptureSyphon (fwe bucks) or Syphoner (free) to capture this frame into your syphon. I prefer the first one.

  • Use VDMX or Millumin. Both have built in screen capture options. Besides, with them you can create any layout for projection you can imagine. They are great vj tools. VDMX is actually free, except if you want to save projects or presets. For a tagtool session, you may not need too much of saving.

  • VDMX, on the other hand, has a nice feature. If you connect your ipad or iphone via lighting cable, it will take it as a source camera, meaning that everything you see (and hear) on your device will be regarded as a video/audio source straight into your computer. It’s much more stable, though not mobile, as it is cable attached. Awesome.

  • Besides Reflector, you also have AirServer, also quite good.

  • Finally, you can use a Mini Recorder from Blackmagic (150 dollars aprox) to input your HDMI signal from your device -with the right adaptor- into your laptop via Thunderbolt.

Quite a few options, uh?

Try to use Streamstar, you can buy the software online, it is relative cheep and works well. We have it in our company.
www.streamstar.com or