A good setup for tagtool

heyyy, I’m a vj and currently I’m working with live performances with Resolume, but I’m really into traditional drawing and would like to incorporate in my performances.

im willing to install the tag tool but I don’t have any device to run it (actually I have an windows notebook and a digital drawing table, idk if it works). But I see a lot of people using it with iPads.

So a friend is selling a new ipad for a good price, then my question is if the 9th generation, 64g iPad is a good option to buy to run Tagtool, and if not which is a reasonable version to run it lightly.


The 9th gen iPad is working - but don´t expect too much performance. Best thing would be to try it first - download the Tagtool Player and use Syphon/Spout to share the signal into any VJ software.

Heavy Tagtool compositions might be lagging on your iPad.


Hey! in the link you’ve posted there’s a trojan malware, please check it before continue sharing this files.


It´s a link to our Google Drive - This software is a BETA version and it is not distributed via the Windows - Play Store. That´s why you get a warning and you need to authorize opening the program.

Hope that helps,

Hello zenitpol

I use a combination of a 2020 iPad Pro with 256G and several 9th gen iPads with 64G. I find that the 9th gen iPads can work well, but you have to be on top of decreasing the number of animations and content as you “perform”, whereas with the iPad Pro I can “load up” numerous complex animations at once and never worry about TT crashing or freezing. This is very specific to my principal use, which is to create live animation at events.

If I was able to, I would by all smaller storage sized iPad Pros or Airs. Buying used or refurbished from a reputable seller is a fantastic way to save money, and I don’t know why more people don’t do it.