About saving in decks & Cobra


I´ve been working with the new Tagtool and it´s awesome!
The new feature of rewinding the brush is sooo helpful, now things are much more easier and fluid.
I have made a lot of characters and elements and saving them to decks its great!
But I have a question: Is there some risk of saving a lot of elements that makes Tagtool slower while performing with it? I haven´t experienced any problems but I just wanted to know if saved elements remains in iPad storage until you load them to Tagtool and they doesn´t have an impact on Tagtool performance.

And finally I want to share with you a venemous cobra i did using the offset feature!
It´s great what you can create now with it and very fast, I will continue experimenting with it!



Hi Fernando,

Saving lots of deck items shouldn’t affect performance at all.

Love the cobra (but prefer not having it anywhere close).
The offset feature has a lot of possibilities, we’re still exploring too!

That’s really cool!

I must’ve missed the “offset” feature. Where is that? And is there a demo showing how to use it?

@maki Is there some way to make some backup of the saved elements in my iPad into my computer or somewhere in the cloud?
Some way to export the Tagtool files to have a safe backup in case I delete the Tagtool app for example! :scream: :wink:


Ey! It´s a super cool feature!

1- In Animation Mode, select 2 or more elements.
2- Animate them.
3- Then you just have to use 3 fingers on the LOOP BAR and drag left/right to offset selected animated elements.

You can turn on the LEARN MODE that is in the MENU so you see how each button works.
Hope you find this helpful!

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Ah! Yes! I remember stumbling onto that. Wasn’t sure how to use it. The sample cobra animation now makes it clear how that would be used. I was mostly using it to make some abstract stuff look a bit more random.

thx :slight_smile:

@Rimiyoho by the way, I hope you don’t mind that I posted your cobra video in another forum to show off what you can do with TagTool. :slight_smile:


For now the easiest way is to simply keep backups of your iPad - either on your computer or on iCloud.

You could also try third-party software such as iMazing to backup only the Tagtool data… haven’t tried it myself though.

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I"Ve managed, unfortunately, to get Tagtool pro to crash by having too many assets in the docks and then making a group of 60+ duplicates. Managed to get rid of the problem by deleting most of the assets, but today, after adding a few more, I got the “please reduce the number of layers” message when only about 20 layers - then got sluggish / slow buttons - finally got an asset created that has a small thumbnail copy created inside the asset which is not on any layer and can’t be deleted. VEry strange…as I have the latest fastest iPad Pro running, nothing else going,

the relic image after the rest of the group is deleted…