Any recommendations for an inexpensive mobile setup?

I’m trying to find the right projector that runs on batteries and has adequate lumens… but maybe I’m going about this all wrong. What do others do? Car batteries? Generators?

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My setup is this power bank
And this projector
Plus occasionally this dongle

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Does the dongle act as a sort of mobile Apple TV? Do you have a picture of the devices together? I’m just so curious!

Yes, creates its own wlan and allows for streaming via airplay or mira, will take a photo next time I set it up!

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Our mobile setup is either with a power generator or a boat battery. Both solutions are capable to run strong projectors with e.g. 7k Ansi Lumens. However, you still need some kind of logistic, since generators and batteries are heavy. So it’s not that super mobile like Benjamin’s setup.

We have a Honda generator with 1k watts:
It’s rather expensive, but therefore small and quiet.

For the boat battery you need a power converter, e.g. this:

With the generator and the battery you have to take care, that the power supply is constant, as a changing power level can damage the projector.