I’m in the process of making a rudimentary quick guide sheet for my afterschool makerspace kids.
It’d be silly for me to do this if someone has already done it.



I made one today, if you want to add/change/revise it, feel free!


Nice one @toddfadel!

This is still for Tagtool Classic, right?

We’re doing an official PDF that will be included with the new Tagtool, coming soon. Your cheatsheet will serve as inspiration!


yeah, my school doesn’t have enough money to buy iPads that will run the new tagtool, but I’ve been introducing my makerspace students to it and they CAN’T GET ENOUGH! I only have two personal iPads with that version on it. The guide I made was just for the version we currently have on the iPads now. I think I’ve got about 40 kids trained on tagtool classic!

we’ve had 8 on one session before - so fun!