Background image or locking layers

When using tagtool for projection mapping on buildings (or other objects), it would be a very usefull feature to be able to have a blueprint drawing as a locked background image.

For now I can import an image and use it as a layer. But certainly when having workshops with multiplayer, people tend to move this layer accidentially. And re-alligning it perfectly isn’t always easy.

So being able to lock layers or setting an imported image as background would be a great feature. Or is this already possible?


That’s indeed an interesting feature, and we already have it on our radar!

Yesterday during a workshop I stumbled upon an idea to lock my background and foreground layers.

I used an extra iPad as ‘server’ connected to the projector, but hidden for the public. On this iPad I selected my background and foreground layers so the other iPads couldn’t interact with them anymore.

It’s a rather expensive fix, since you need an extra iPad, but it works.

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