Banner pic of the month for April 2017


Plenty of inspiration with the cloudy skies, the now and then sun with the budding upon trees in tandem with various early flowers. It somewhat mirrors are constant crop of creativity here, which brings me to the fact that its time for another banner pic of the month round.

Post your Tagtool related images in the comments! The image with the most votes will grace the featured banner image of community site for April.

As we are not bound by FB group rules anymore, it is also possible to submit a VIDEO! Yes! The video you submit can, and will be displayed in the banner. It can be a YouTube, vimeo, etc.

As always look forward to the magic you bring to the world with Tagtool!


The “Digital Graffiti Experience” holding an open Tagtool session at Artopia 2017 with the Coral Gables Museum in Miami FL as our canvas.


Small hyperlapse of my live projection painting I did at Locomoción Festival at Ex Convento Corpus Christi, México City.
Photography by Rodrigo Gaudenzi



Live Music visualisation at classic concert , Düsseldorf Tonhalle


Tagtool Session at Designverliebt Kreativmarkt in St.Pölten, Austria.


It’s a tie! We will extend voting till 4th of April, so my pic can still win :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Congratulations @Clifford, you got the most votes!

And @Gnu already was so sure he would win this time :slight_smile:

@Soundi got really close too!

Thanks everybody for the great submissions!