Banner pic of the month for April 2018

The month we call April, on this planet we call earth, is right around what we sometimes call ‘the corner’. And if you are what we call a ‘human’ who practices what we call ‘art’ and happen to use Tagtool then I verily encourage you to submit your tagtool related art to grace what we call the ‘banner’ of this sites home page!

Show me what you gooooot!


This is from my performance at FILUX, International Light Festival in Mérida 2018.
I painted this giant oriental crab that was very hungry! :slight_smile:


Drawing made with Tagtool as part of daily practice for live gigs. Also cos I like space art and while Tagtool is not as complex as Procreate it is lots of fun to use for digital art! In a far off part of space, outside the Whirlpool galaxy, is a small star with a molten exoplanet circling very close to it. And a visiting tour ship.