Banner pic of the month for August 2018


Heya! How are we doing? Or maybe what are you doing? Let’s see! Post your latest Tagtool related creations to be chosen as the banner pic of the month for this coming August. Post or vote. Or do both!


Sure, Tagtool is constantly in use, so I always have some creations on the go. This one from a live gig at Coastella Festival, supporting the band Olmecha Supreme (the singer is the son of Taj Mahal) with the usual Tagtool fun!


I draw and make videos every day using tagtool. I record the videos using the built in screen recording function in iOS and I record my own music to go along with the videos using an iRigHD. This is a drawing depicting some sort of weird trippy mouse or african mask. No idea what this is, really.


The other night TagTooled with Giovanni Imparato of Colombre at the MAT, an ex slaughterhouse in Terlizzi, Italy.