Banner pic of the month for December 2018

Must have been a hiccup that I missed chiming last month to remind everyone that we needed a new banner pic of the month. I humbly offer my apologies. But not dawdle around on that. Let’s have a bang’n image to exit the year with a tagtool related image or video for the month of December!

Post your image or video in the comments. The one with the most <3’s will grace this sites home page for the month of December.

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Sketches for an upcoming series of shows Time Flies


Results of a workshop last week with pupils of HLW Amstetten (Austria).


I feel cheeky as I’ve only just started but here are some things I’ve made with TT so far. I’m really enjoying it. Looking forward to sharing with you what I make for the project that made me pick it up in the first place – more at

Meanwhile, I did this little animation and my boyfriend did the music:

Jazzface from Karen Frances Eng on Vimeo.

I thought it would embed but it’s not working, please click through! :slight_smile: