Banner pic of the month for July 2018


huf, huf, huf just running up to the microphone a bit late this month to announce the monthly request for submitting a Tagtool related image or video that we will vote on to be featured on the banner of the home page. Post in the comments or (and) vote! Yeeehahhhh!




Rimiyoho & Bearcat
Rimiyoho performed live visuals for Bearcat at Festival Diversa 2018 by Levis and Fundación México Vivo.
London born, NY based DJ/ Producer Bearcat set the stage on fire while Rimiyoho painted a floral landscape as a tribute to diversity, union and love.
Live illustration and animation using Tagtool for iPad.
Photography by Itzel Gutierrez.


Achiles Luciano Tagtool


Digital scenery Achiles Luciano, set design Julio Dojcsar - CIA Treme Terra - project Anonymity


Achiles Luciano Tagtool

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