Banner pic of the month for June 2018


Hello fellow Tagtoolers! Wondering how we are all doing? Maybe you can show some of that doing by submitting a pic that if chosen by the collective will be featured on the banner? Even if you don’t get chosen its a great way for everyone to see your Tagtool related activities as of recent. So let’s see what you got!


A little experiment with Tagtool drawing, with an Airserver link to my laptop then using Syphon to link the live drawing into Magic Music Visuals and add audio-reactive filters plus use a Leap Motion sensor to control the rotation and angle and number of repetitions/light trails. Sounds a little complicated but it’s all in the name of having some extra effects without having to use the laptop directly. Will be testing it out fully at some Museum gigs in the near future.


I used Tagtool here for a live music video performance for the band, Amo Amo. I had two projectors mapped to two walls surrounding the band in this backyard garden ampitheather in Echo Park, Los Angeles. I created png assests from photographs I’d taken and used them to create surreal landscapes to fit the vibe of the music.


Tagtool outdoor session in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. After a full day of workshop we went out into the district of Kapana to bring some colours into the street.


Just drawing and animating like crazy!