Banner pic of the month for May 2017


For us up here in the northern hemisphere April is rubber band backfire month weather wise. I am in thermals again! Dang. Its hard to imagine that we’ll be Tagtooling outdoors in our shorts any time soon.

So we need some nice and cozy, warmth invoking Tagtool related image to ring in the month of May.

Submit your Tagtool related image in the comments. If you don’t post, vote for one! The one with the most votes graces and greets our forum.



This is from a performance with Singer Leika Mochán and her band of a concert at IMER Horizonte Radio.


Creating artworks while also lighting the way as Victor Ramirez solo climbs out at the Buttermilks bouldering area in Bishop, CA.


Pupils of the school HLW Amstetten at a Tagtool workshop in the courtyard of castle Ulmerfeld!


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