Black screen when opening app (free version)

Hi there. I just downloaded the Tagtool free app and it loads the logo then goes to a black screen. I downloaded the app on an iPad mini 4 (software version 13.5.1). There is 67 GB of space available on the iPad. I’m planning to buy the pro version for a new iPad Pro, but wanted to test this free one out first on our old iPad. Now I’m a bit nervous about getting the Pro version. Any suggestions? I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. Same issue both times.

Hello hello! Yes, this issue on older iPads (2015 or before) is known and already fixed in the upcoming update that will be released soon. The problem doesn’t occur with newer models, e.g. with any iPad Pro. All best!

Thank you. Would there be any problem with the free tagtool app on 8th gen iPads, software version 15.7? We’ve downloaded tagtool pro version to a new ipad pro and have 15 8th gen ipads to run a workshop with. Fingers crossed there are no bug issues.

That issue really just occurs on older iPads before 2015, so the 8th gen (2019) will definitely be fine - all best and have fun with the workshop!