Brush size doesn't work

Hello everyone, new member here. I’ve used tagtool on and off, and recently started using it again. Somehow now I can’t change the brush size. I must forget something simple, but what is it? Using one finger, drag over the brush size tool on the top left, but no change. iPad OS 15.4.1, likely the most recent version of tagtool because I don’t see any update in the Appstore. Thanks!

Hey JSArt,

Sorry the late reply! Hm, we haven’t heard of any problem like this. Eventually you have switched to the Pro version with the gesture area in the paint mode - here the brush size isn’t changed by one finger dragging over the brush size tool, but by pinching/spreading with two fingers within the gesture area. Hope that helps!

All the best,

Ah, stupid of me! Pinch in the gesture area! Than you, @Gnu. :+1: