Bugs n glitches; pushing the limits

Hi, I’ve been pushing Tagtool pretty hard on my new iPad Pro and seem to have found some limitations. The bugs and glitches are 1) getting a ‘please reduce the number of layers’ message, which happens after working on one layer , but instead of one layer many many layers are created, possibly related to 2) working on a layer, go to animate and then ‘edit’ so as to continue working on the layer but it is deselected and new layer created 3) losing the working graphics when switching to other apps, or when connecting via black magic intensity shuttle to MacBook/ or connecting via reflector.
When I had similar problems a while back and it froze after 30 mins of intense work, I figured the number of complex objects in the decks were the cause, deleted them all and that seemed to do the trick. Now I’ve built up a lot more deck objects that may be the cause, although at that previous time I was getting a slow response to drawing as well, but not this time.
I’ll delete my deck objects and see what happens…


Thank you for sharing your experience and pushing the iPad to the limit. We are fully aware of these limits and try to come up with a solution in the future.

When the maximum number of layers in a session is reached, the layer area becomes very crowded and it´s nearly impossible to select a layer in the layer area. You need to group layers together to make some space again. Especially in multiplayer sessions this limit is reached very soon.

There is also a technical limit per layer how many paint strokes or eraser strokes you can do. The more fingers you use the faster you reach it. Than a new layer is created automatically. Editing this layer only works if you start rewinding it.

Switching apps is also very dangerous with very complex scenes due to memory allocation of other apps.

If you want to do very complex scenes with a lot of content you reach the limit of an iPad´s hardware very soon. In the future we want to use laptops and PCs again to handle these limitations.

Hope i could answer some questions.


Cheers Mat, that makes sense - was getting the layers message when creating lots of stars with several fingers. Had thought that groups would help too so I’ll delete my decks and use lots of groups for next performances, which should do the trick.

I too have a problem with the Edit button not working. Instead of editting the layer, Tagtool creates sometimes (not always, so hard to tell when) a new layer. Basically it means I can’t erase in previous created layers.
Anything that triggers this bug? I tried adding the layer to a deck and deleting the original without luck :confused:

Yeah, new layer created when the limit of brushstrokes is reached and also it seems when using lots of fingers. Experimenting with using rewind on the new layer seems to make it editable…also using just two fingers seems to stop the new layers being made so maybe its a multi-touch that triggers them.

I have gotten the same message ‘Please reduce the number of layers’. My questions are below:

  1. How many is the maximum number of layers in a session in Tagtool?

  2. Once multiple layers are grouped as one, does Tagtool consider it as one layer meaning…does it allow to create more layers without the alert message?


Hey @MiHyun!

Re 1. - Theoretically, there’s no limit to how many layers you create. Practically it will depend on how powerful your device is. The “Please reduce…” message is not a hard limit, just a reminder to keep things simpler. You can keep creating layers. If I remember correctly the message appears when there are more than 50 layer cards visible in the layer area.

Re 2. - Grouping is a good way of keeping your scene more organized. You can have many thousand layers without seeing the message if you keep grouping things. It’s basically all about economic housekeeping.

That being said, we don’t consider this a good solution and it’s high up on the things we wanna improve in future Tagtool versions!

PS: In the latest beta there is no practical limit to the number of brushstrokes you can have in a single painting!