Bumped off Tagtool when Importing a Pic


I have installed the latest version of Tagtool on 2 older model iPads, an iPad (9.7" 3rd gen), and an iPad Mini (2nd gen) - and when trying to use the Import Pic function I get bumped off Tagtool - it crashes and reboots. They both have iOS version 9.3.5.

I have a newer model iPad Pro (12.9" 2nd gen) which works great with the new update.

Has anyone else had and/or been able to solve these issues?
Thank you!

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When does it crash exactly? When you open the image importer or after you have selected an image from the camera roll? How big are your files you want to import?

Unfortunately this sounds like a memory issue. I tested with Air 2 and Air 1 models (iOS 12.1.4). I could import around 9 to 10 files with 1920 x 1080. After that the session was very likely to crash due to memory issues. When an external display is attached to the same iPad the session stops even sooner.


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Hi Mat

It happens the moment I tap the Import Pic button. I never get to the Photos app.
The Camera and Screenshot functions work.

So for my immediate needs, with the use of this older and smaller iPad and a second projector, I’m taking a photo through Tagtool of the image I want to use from the screen of my desktop Mac, and saving that into Decks.

All functions work perfectly on my 2nd gen iPad Pro, so maybe it’s an issue just with older models? The specs say iOS 9, and these older models I have are iOS 9.3.5.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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I have also found with these older iPad models that I can’t access “animate” when plugged into a projector.

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