Can’t get in animation mode


I’ve been working for a couple of hours on a character and went for lunch, leaving the Tagtool open.
Now, I’m back from lunch and can’t get into animation mode. I’m afraid of relaunching the app because the app doesn’t save its state.

What can I do to not loose my work? Because, if I can’t get in animation mode, I can’t save the drawing into one of my deck.

It’s a rather frustrating situation because I learned the hard way that Tagtool isn’t saving its state. After the latest security update of IPadOS, although Tagtool was open, it lost the drawing (of that same character) I was doing at that moment.

Hello Quasi,

Sry for the late reply! Hm, this sounds like a touch input got stuck somewhere and I wouldn’t know any solution for that. If you have a Tagtool session running for a long time, I recommend to regularly save the content to the deck. I usually multi-select and group all layers, so I have the full scene saved to the deck.

All best,

Hi Josef,

Thank you for your reply.

I guess it’s a way to learn to save often ^}^. I’m doing it now.
What’s strange it’s that it were only the bottom left buttons that were not working. I still could draw and rewind, and even go inside the menu (and switch from the pro to the normal version, or switch the side of the interface).

I also have some problems with the saving some loops. When I save an animation and try to recall it, then when the animation loops offscreen, or if the images have a certain amount, I can scale it anymore to the size of the original design. Would you prefer me to open a new treath for that?

That being said, I am having a lot of fun with the tagtool ^^

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Yes, although I experience the app as very stable - regularly saving puts my mind at ease!

Thanks for the feedback about the size limitation. We are aware of that issue - as you said, it is connected with sending objects over the universe border and also with reloading grouped animated objects. It’s on the list and I hope we can tackle it soon.

Happy to hear that you have fun with Tagtool like us - that’s the best feedback out there :partying_face: :heart: