Classical newb stupid question

Hey all,
I‘m all new with TagTool and am looking for one basic thing:
how to save/load projects?

Until now, I feel like I always have to delete all I did to be able to start over but I‘m sure there‘s another way ;o)



You need to use the decks panel in Animation Mode. There is a button in the right corner that lets u save your selected content. As soon as you have pressed it, you create a deck item and it appears in the panel. This deck item can be dragged back into workspace. The loaded deck item appears invisible, so you need to bring the opacity back up with the slider.

That´s basically how u save and load.

Hope that helps,

Hey Mat,

thx for the quick response.
I‘m a bit an old-school guy who likes to save and recall entire projects ;o)
(just like, you know, each song of the band has a different visual etc)

Any intention to update this in the future? A more versatile drawing tool (pencil tips etc for use w/ Apple Pencil would be fantastic, too!

best wishes,

hi andré,

have u tried to select all, group all and then save/load it?

then u can start a new deck folder and store your full scenes there.

that’s quite like working with entire projects.


Hi Josef,
thanks for your kind reply!

That sounds tempting, I just can‘t find a „select all“ function and am unable to select more than one layer in animation mode…

What am I missing?

best wishes,

Hey Andre!

If you drag one finger across all the layers in the sidebar while you hold down the select button with the other, you can select all. Then, the “group” button pops up next to the sidebar and you click that.

Hi Todd,

awesome, I overlooked this entirely!
It‘s not exactly what I was looking for but if this is what I can do, it‘s cool.
(not sure how well this works with 100+ objects, though…)

@AndreX - if you have a newer, faster ipad you can put more objects/decks on the screen. I have an ipad mini 2 and i have yet to get it to crash, but my ipad mini 1 has had some trouble with more than a dozen or so objects grouped together…

I do have an iPadPro 10,5, so performance should not be an issue at this point, but I was also thinking about finding the objects quickly to recall them. On one show, I was having ore than 1000 clips in VDMX…
An open/save dialogue accessing properly named files on eg iCloud could make things more convenient.
But thx so much for the info!!
best wishes,

We are working on using the “Files” app on the iPad - so working with decks becomes more convenient and easier to handle. Will keep you posted about that.


That‘s a nice feature to add!
Thx a lot!