Connect tagtool to laptop and projection

Hi all,
I had some hours of fun with a new ipad and tagtool! What I ideally want is to connect the Tagtool output window with my VJ software running on a laptop? I figured I need
A. a video capture card around 300 bucks, or
B. create my own wifi and stream over Airserver. (no idea about quality or possibility in weird places like underground?)

Second question, if I simply want to connect my ipad to a beamer with a cable. I need a lightning to hdmi cable? Does this hdmi needs to have a male/female jack or doesn’t that matter? And, how does tagtool recognize the size of projection in that case?

I’ve run a live session with just the ipad, a hdmi-lightning cable and a low-res projector with hdmi input. Worked great, couldnt see any resolution issues as set tagtool on low res output. Cool to see that there was a customised version of tagtool at Ars for 8k immersive dome ie hi-res version - wonder if that included mapping to a dome?