Connect Tagtool with Resolume through an ElGato capture device

Hi! I’m trying to connect Tagtool with Resolume through an ElGato capture device. I can see that the capture is displaying the Tagtool image, but afterward, in Resolume, I can’t see Tagtool in the output :disappointed:. You can observe the problem in this video. What can you recommend to me?

Thank you!


Do you have another software (Modul8, etc…) to test - if the Cam4k is working and sending correctly?

In Resolume you can check if your Cam4k “Clip” that is selected in the timeline has the correct input format.

For example:
When i have an NDI input selected. You can change some input options that might help.


Hi! Thanks for your help, Mat. I made a lot of changes, and the capture didn’t run, but at one moment, it mysteriously began to run. I hope to understand what happened after some time of using it. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying drawing with Tagtool in Resolume :slight_smile:

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