Development related performance question? maximum elements on the screen?

Latest Tagtool is amazing, super versatile. Thanks a lot.

I am pushing the limits of maximum elements on the screen. And crashing as I duplicate more and more :slight_smile:

What is the weakest parameter from the development perspective?
What is the biggest load to software?
Is it element complexity? the number of items? animation load?

What should I use less to maximize the number of my elements on the screen?



Sorry for the late reply.

It depends very much what iPad model you are using. The more RAM and CPU power a model has the better in terms of complexity and performance.

Working in Tagtool every stroke counts. A layer with a lot of painting and eraser strokes is eating up more memory. For example in this scene below i was also pushing the limits by copy/pasting green grass. Stroke by stroke. At some point my iPad Pro was slowing down so i decided to save a PNG to be able to build the rest of the house.

With animations same rules apply. The longer you hold the record button and the more animations you stack the more complex it gets. Especially when using the duplicate function you spice up the workload. Usually that´s the button that breaks things.

Hope that helps.

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