Export or safe files, loops, mp4

Hi, I’m real beginer​:wink:in tagtool and also in using ipad​:sweat_smile::woman_facepalming: my question is: is it possible to make short loops, videos, mp4 or any tagtool files, save them in ipad and then work with them in resolume or other programs? I work with children and a would like to use tagtool in our performance. Thanks Hana

Hello Hana,

I hope you are well.

A “Record Screen” function on the animation panel saves a video as an MP4 on your iPad.
You can place a highly saturated green on the background and key out the colour on After Effects.

Creating a perfect loop is nearly impossible since we are unable to input numeric values to the time parameters, and if you group multiple animations as a single item: it is certainly impossible to have a perfect loop.
(Because “The least common multiple” of each animated bit rounds up to a very long frame count.)

I hope this helps,